Pronotaire and Immonet

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Several files require a verification of municipal and school taxes from the notary for the title that is being monitored. The notary or an assistant can now validate this information by using particular Internet portals (e.g.: Immonet, Unicité, T.F.S., etc.).

Since summer 2012, Pronotaire (version 8.3.2) users can communicate directly via Pronotaire with the Immonet platform of ACCEO Solutions, and this, for cities subscribing to the service. A bridge has thus been implemented for communication between the Pronotaire user and Immonet. So, the user can access Immonet directly from the immovable card in the file. The notary or an associate can then import the required information for municipal taxes of the targeted immovable, without having to be connected to the Immonet platform.

Tons of Advantages

There are so many advantages to using the Pronotaire Immonet bridge. Here are some:

  • Access to data from nearly 75 cities in Quebec.
  • Bidirectional communication with Immonet for searching a specific immovable.
  • Possibility to look for immovables without a civic address.
  • Decrease in the risk of errors during the transcription of the information in Pronotaire.
  • Data import directly in the Pronotaire memorandum of adjustments.
  • Complete taxes statement import, in PDF format, providing the information required on the immovable, directly in the list of deeds and letters of the Pronotaire file.
  • Automatic invoicing on the notary’s Immonet account.
  • Pay-per-use invoicing ($2)..

Thus, the Immonet bridge is a tool for the notary to access this information quickly and at any time, directly via Pronotaire. This is a simple, efficient and secure communication method in order to obtain municipal information regarding the immovable. The user can also import and manage two municipal taxes per file for immovables subject to taxes in two cities.

For the list of cities available for this service, refer to the Immonet Web Site at: Immonet.

You can contact the Pronotaire technical assistance team for more information regarding the use of this platform.


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Please note that the Pronotaire software is meant for Quebec notaries only.