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Created and maintained by notary professionals, ProNotaire is the most complete management tool on the market. Its many features let notaries and their associates carry out all their daily operations simply and efficiently while avoiding duplicate entries.

Choose the version that best meets your needs.


Data stored at notary’s office
(physical workstation)

Accessed from the workstation
on which the software is installed
and from the workstations connected
to it by Terminal Server.

Optimal performance on workstation
on which software is installed,
lesser performance on workstations
connected by Terminal Server

Options ProNotaire available and
customizable for each workstation

Updates optional and performed
at the time of notary’s choosing

ProNotaire Online

Data stored on multiple
servers outside firm (Internet)

Accessed from any computer,
tablet, or smartphone

Optimal performance
on any workstation

Options ProNotaire either not available (shared environment),
or customizable by office only (private environment)

Automatic updates

Both versions of Pronotaire use
the same data-entry windows

File management

  • Management of information on parties to the deed
  • File management: general, real estate, testamentary, corporate, succession, refinancing and mandate in case of incapacity
  • Management of personalized files lets you add merge fields for individual files (taxi, non-contentious procedure, etc.)
  • Management of file notes
  • File tracking allows you to monitor the work of every team member and produce various reports
  • Timesheet management and automatic time entry
  • Assistant for quick file creation
  • TELUS file import
  • Import of municipality data for tax management (Immonet, Unicité)


  • Task or package billing
  • Timesheet import
  • Billing reports
  • Client account reports
  • Transfer of accounting data to Acomba Notary Suite

Trust accounting

  • Cheque and receipt production
  • Transfer of data on statements of trust account disbursements
  • Production of monthly and annual CDNQ reports
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Management of deposit slips
  • Management of general and special accounts

Document production

  • Automated deed production
  • Production of correspondence
  • Digitization of documents from any device model
  • Production of company governing documents and annual resolutions
  • Preparation of allocations and disbursement statements
  • Automated cardex production

Transmission by Internet

  • Electronic publication of deeds in land register by secure email
  • Publication of deeds in land register’s On-line Registration Requisition Service (new SLRI) by Web service
  • Will and mandate report production and EDI submission to the CDNQ

Other key features

  • Management of amortization tables
  • Management of independent list that lets you find clients without ProNotaire
  • Terminal Server accounting
  • Batch file closure
  • Deed management in French and English

With a subscription to ProNotaire,
software is only the beginning

  • Telephone tech support with qualified notaries and paralegals
  • Internet software updates (2 to 3 per year)
  • Free up-to-date law registry and mortgage deed templates
  • A Web portal with information that matters to you


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Mélanie Arcand


ProNotaire is a user-friendly tool: my assistant quickly learned how to work on her own and be productive with this software. This is a charm for Trust accounting and sending reports to the Chambre des notaires. Management of files and customers is very useful to find quickly the information needed.Image du guillemet de fermeture

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