Whether they are center stage or behind the scenes, the people who maintain your software all share one goal: expand the field they are passionate about.

From the product manager in charge of solution development to the support staff and trainers who bring you their expertise, passion for the notary profession permeates this unique team built on youth and experience.


Team Leader – Pronotaire and SURF

Upon completing his notary degree, Luc decided to spend a year in a practice as a means to hone his skills. After joining the Pronotaire technical support group in 2005, he now leads the team whose mission remains your productivity.


User Support Technician and Trainer

Following a college degree and seven years in a notary practice, Christine has spent the last two years offering you the benefits of her field experience and wide-ranging expertise.


User Support Technician

Having cut his teeth in a notary office for two years, this paralegal was excited to join the ranks of the Pronotaire group this last year.


User Support Technician and Trainer

A trained paralegal, Alex has provided many a client with sound advice. He is now in his fourth year with Pronotaire technical support.


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Please note that the Pronotaire software is meant for Quebec notaries only.