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To retain their title and privileges, notaries must now keep their knowledge up to date. Therefore, the Chambre des notaires imposes a certain amount of hours of training sessions, including both legal and non-legal contents. Here are some tips on how Pronotaire can help you achieve this goal.

1) Annual Pronotaire Training

Every autumn, around late October or early November, the Pronotaire team holds the annual Pronotaire training courses. These half day sessions aim to inform the clients about the new Pronotaire features of the year. The product leader, helped by an experienced trainer, will provide all information that you must know about these innovations. He will also be available for any question on the covered topics.

Through this training, everyone has the opportunity to learn more about existing features that are less known or mastered by most users. In order to offer customers a customized training, the Pronotaire team performs a preliminary survey to identify all their needs. This way, in addition to the year’s new features, the product leader and the trainer can help the customers improve their knowledge of the software. This approach helps them be more productive and maximize their investment with Pronotaire.

Moreover, the annual Pronotaire training courses are recognized by the Chambre des notaires at the rate of 2.75 hours as continuing training for notaries. After the training, the Pronotaire team sends you a certificate testifying that the notary attended the course. Therefore, the notary can both improve the software skills of his employees and complete his required training hours.

Visit your Pronotaire portal in early autumn for details on the annual Pronotaire training courses.

2) Group Training or Individual Training

Other than the annual training, the Pronotaire team also provides individual or group training sessions. In this regard, a training catalogue is available on the Pronotaire Website. The calendar allows you to view the list of training courses available, as well as the next availability dates.

Whatever your requirements, the courses provided can satisfy them: refresher training on a specific subject (i.e. online publication or trust account) for a specific employee, complete training for a new employee.

All training courses offered by the Pronotaire team are also recognized by the Chambre des notaires du Québec for non-legal contents. Once again, it is a great way to improve your knowledge of Pronotaire and to accumulate recognized training hours for the continuing training of notaries.

Contact our customer service team today for more details about our training courses.


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