Have you discovered the new functions of Pronotaire?

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In recent updates, we have integrated new functions to improve the notary’s profession on a daily basis.

Our latest major addition to Pronotaire is an email manager. Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express, it can be used to send emails from a file. Word or PDF documents can also be attached.

The email manager is also integrated in the list of interveners. Since it is optimized for mass-mailing, it is excellent for promotions or as a way to communicate with your clients in general.

We have also made numerous improvements to existing functions, such as:

  • The automatic management of quality parties for all types of deeds in order to simplify the registration of a document
  • The addition of new receipt templates in the Trust tab to comply with the new standards of the Chambre des notaires.
  • Optimization of the search for information in the list of interveners and the list of files.
  • The option to attach a digital version of the certificate of location in an immovable file.
  • The possibility of importing a second identity card in an intervener’s file.

Several other new features are coming. Pronotaire is constantly evolving and we keep an open ear to our users to facilitate their management experience.


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