Managing and Tracking Office Work in Pronotaire

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The management of a notary’s office involves teamwork. In this context, everyone should organize, adopt a strict methodology and ensure an effective monitoring of the tasks performed by each member. On this aspect, your Pronotaire office management system provides you with multiple possibilities.

1) File tracking

Pronotaire includes a file tracking module allowing the user to load, for each type of file, a list of tasks to be performed. This list is pre-assembled based on the practice guideline of the Chambre des notaires. It becomes available as soon as Pronotaire is installed on the office workstations.

The default list of tasks can also be customized according to the needs of the notary and his employees. In this way, the notary can delete, modify or add tasks in the list. He can also assign tasks to specific resources when opening the file.

When opening a file, all tasks related to the type of file identified by the notary are added by the system. It assigns them, if applicable, to the users specified in the list of default tasks.

Throughout the file, users can track the tasks by indicating the ones that are completed and the ones that remain urgent. The user can also create a link between a document and a task (i.e. the notary makes a request to a colleague).

2) Notes between users

Other possibility: transmitting notes between users. These notes can also be configured to be displayed at a specific time or next time a specific file is opened. The person who sends the note can attach a document if necessary and the user who receives it can open the document directly from the note.

An urgent note can also be transmitted to a user so that it is instantly displayed in his system. To add an indication of urgency, the note will be highlighted in red. It is therefore an excellent and efficient way to communicate within Pronotaire, thus avoiding the loss of information between users.

3) File tracking report and service contract

As his files progress, the notary may want reports on the evolution of files. The system allows him to issue reports in order to check that he meets his deadlines. It is therefore possible to generate a report of all the notes and tasks of a file, a report of all the notes and tasks of a user or a report of all the files of a specific user.
With Pronotaire, a professional service contract can also be generated using the tasks entered in the files as well as the tasks defined as excluded from the notary’s mandate. In this way, the system allows the notary to conform to the recommendations of the Chambre des notaires and to inform his client of the scope of his mandate with him.

4) Link with invoicing

As the user completes his tasks, he can create a link with the timesheet and associate time with each task performed. Then, he can include these tasks in an invoice to charge to his client. The user can also, when configuring the system, specify which tasks should be invoiced or not according to his needs.

The link with invoicing as well as with management and office work tracking closes the loop and gives the notary the certainty that his files will be completed in time. It also allows him to ensure that every employee of the office is productive within a defined framework.


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