Mandatory Update and Integration of Clause and Document Templates: relax, the Pronotaire Team Takes Care of Everything!

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Pronotaire updates are an issue for you? You wish to integrate your own clause and document templates into the software but you do not have enough time to do it?

Good news, our team can do these tasks for you… and make your life easier than ever!

Discover the All-Inclusive Update Service

With the Pronotaire all-inclusive update service, you have access to a proper and secure installation of mandatory updates* for your office management system (we remind you that the annual service plan includes the mandatory updates for one year starting at the subscription). With each software update, a qualified technician performs, upon appointment, the remote installation of Pronotaire, while ensuring that this new version is compatible with your workstation and your other software.
The service is available now for $125 for the first workstation (server) and $25 for each additional workstation. Please call 1 800 862-5922 to subscribe.

Maximize Productivity with the All-Inclusive Template Service

With the new all-inclusive template service, integrating your own clause and document templates into Pronotaire has never been so fast. The principle is simple: A qualified technician recovers your document templates in Word format and in which he inserts the required merge fields and tags. These documents are then added to your template database for immediate use. The service is charged per unit or based on the number of deeds. Please contact a sales representative at 1 800 862-5922 for complete details and available packages.


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