New Règlement sur la comptabilité en fidéicommis des notaires: ProNotaire complies with CDNQ standards

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Good news for all ProNotaire users: the latest version of the software (8.5.3) complies with the new Règlement sur la comptabilité en fidéicommis des notaires in terms of the following items:

  • Issuing cheques and receipts.
  • Content required in the list of client account transactions.
  • Issuing the monthly reconciliation report.
  • Issuing the annual trust report.

With the 8.5.3 update, users can now automatically generate the Fiche d’information relative au transfert du support d’un document. This file, recommended by the CDNQ, is generated when a PDF document is imported in ProNotaire using the following functions:

  • Importing into ProNotaire by right-clicking on a file.
  • Adding an existing document via the list of deeds and letters of a file.

Providing solutions that evolve at the same pace as your profession is also to be a pioneer of the technological shift!

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