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In all professions, the succession is vital. Among the notarial community, students in notarial law (DDN students), as well as paralegal technology and legal secretarial students, are the future of the profession. The Pronotaire team is convinced that encouraging and promoting this succession will help position each and every graduate student in the legal community.

1) Pronotaire in Educational Institutions

In order to promote the development of paralegal technology and legal secretarial students, Pronotaire entered into agreements with about twenty educational institutions in Quebec. Under these agreements, each institution can teach and use Pronotaire in classes.

Therefore, any notary’s office wishing to hire a paralegal or a legal secretary can search within the students who have already used Pronotaire at school. Obviously, the student starting in the profession has very little practical experience, but if he comes from one of the educational institutions involved, he will be familiar with Pronotaire from the first days of employment.

With this approach, the student can also somewhat experience the notarial daily practice and understand what the notary’s requests will be like when he starts working as an assistant for the notary.

The educational institutions under agreement with the Pronotaire team have free access to Pronotaire and to the technical support required for using the software. This is our way to encourage the next generation of employees assisting the notary, while contributing to promote the profession in Quebec.

For more details on our agreements with educational institutions, please contact the Pronotaire team. Our contact information is available on our Website.

2) Pronotaire in Universities

In addition to being available in CEGEPs and legal secretary schools, Pronotaire is presented every year to DDN students in several universities (Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal and Ottawa).

A Pronotaire team representative goes in each of these universities in order to present Pronotaire to the DDN students and explain how an office management software can be efficient for their future notarial practice (electronic transfer of deeds, trust, merging documents …).

At the end of this presentation, our representative explains to the DDN students that, at the end of their educational training, they may have free access to Pronotaire and to the technical support during the first three months of practice and receive a 16-hour free training on Pronotaire.

A graduate student going into business in notarial practice often experiences a difficult start. This is why the Pronotaire team wishes to contribute, in its own way, to the cause of young students committed to a career in this profession. With the first three-month free offer, young graduates can use their savings for other purposes.

To Conclude

At Pronotaire, we believe that encouraging DDN students, as well as paralegal technology and legal secretarial students, is investing in the future. It is a modest way to contribute to the progress and growth of notaries in Quebec.

For more details on our offers for graduate students, please contact our team.


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