Pronotaire New Generation

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Like the legal field, the world of computing is evolving rapidly. Progress made in this regard in the past decade is simply phenomenal. Pronotaire is no exception to this reality.

Pronotaire has been designed several years ago. In order to keep offering a state of the art solution, the Pronotaire team went back to the drawing board to conceive and develop a whole new Pronotaire in .NET.

Microsoft .NET technology is a recent, quick, strong and effective programming language. It also provides greater compatibility with new versions of Word, of Windows, and with Web services used by the Land register and the Chambre des notaires, for transmitting applications for registration as well as mandate and will reports. Moreover, this technology will help Internet remote connection in order to facilitate work at home or between geographically separated offices.

This technological redesign also represents an opportunity to rethink Pronotaire in order to make it more stable, fast and user-friendly. A process of reflection has been initiated in the past few months to ensure the development of functionalities that are the most useful to notaries and their employees. In the next steps, a user committee of notaries and employees will be set up in order to assist and advise us in developing your new Pronotaire.

At the same time, the SURF application will be integrated into Pronotaire to remove the XML tags from your deeds. SURF being already compatible with the new SLRI of the Land register, transmitting applications for registration will be even simpler.

To conclude, our team is determined to do everything possible to ensure that the new Pronotaire meets the needs of our customers. We will contact you on a regular basis to inform you of the progress of the project.


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