Pronotaire Now Available in Cloud Computing Mode

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Pronotaire en ligne allows the user to view and edit his/her data from any electronic device (computer, tablet, or smartphone). The application is exactly the same as the regular version of Pronotaire, but is instead hosted entirely on secure servers approved by the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

Advantages of Pronotaire en Ligne

The cloud version of Pronotaire has benefits for both notaries and their co-workers.

  • Access from any device
  • Daily backup copies
  • Automatic updates
  • Environment entirely separate from workstation
  • Compatible with main Web browsers (e.g., Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Netscape)
  • Word 2010 included

Two Environments Available

Pronotaire en ligne offers two different environments to meet different needs.

  1. Shared Environment
    More affordable than a private environment, a shared environment allows a notary’s office to share a hosting server with other notarial offices. It has a single Options Pronotaire application, which means that one office cannot configure its options differently from the other offices.
  2. Private Environment
    This environment allows a notary’s office to use a private hosting server, that is, one which is separate from other offices. Each office has its own Options Pronotaire application, which means that each office has different and customized options.

No matter the environment chosen, Pronotaire en ligne offers every notary’s office a private database, customized document templates, and an isolated document directory.


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