Technical Support

The Pronotaire team offers its customers extensive experience in technical support and legal knowledge.

The service is based on customer satisfaction for the Pronotaire and SURF applications. In order to offer you a complete technical support, we hire people who specialize in the legal field and understand how the notary office works, so they can better answer customers' questions.

For the Pronotaire team, the quality of its technical support is as important as the quality of its product. If you have any technical or legal questions, contact our team at 1 800 862-5922. They will happy to help.

Here is a preview of what our technical support team has to offer:

  • Technical support for Pronotaire
  • Installation and configuration of Pronotaire
  • Customized training and group training
  • Technical support for SURF
  • Installation and configuration of SURF
  • Help for your Trust accounting
  • Generation of various models (club of models and legal directory)
  • Configuration of Pronotaire/Acomba Bridge
  • Support for sending will and mandate reports to the Chambre des notaires
  • Service of registration of deeds to the Land register.

If you would like to become fully autonomous and get more in-depth knowledge on our applications, you can also inquire about our customized or group training sessions.