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With SURF, no document preparation is required for publication of deeds.

  • Access to all natures of deeds used by notaries
  • Registration and installation process entirely on line
  • Management of deeds in English and in French
  • Full compatibility with the new SLRI of the Land register
  • Secure, quick and effective transmission method complying with the Land register standards
  • Free technical support by phone
  • Reducing the risk of error by avoiding double entry of information on the Land register Website
  • Bilingual interface, easy to use
  • History of registration requisitions
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Biling & Requirements

Fixed price of $5 per publication
Monthly electronic billing and transaction records
List of requisitions available at any time through your SURF portalF
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A user name with the land register
An e-signature recognized by Notarius
Installation of Entrust application on every workstation
A basic Internet connection
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Nathalie, assistant to Princeville notary André Baril

Nathalie assistant to Princeville notary André BarilI am very pleased with SURF. Before, I wasn't able to submit documents, and now I can. It's very simple and easy to use, and customer service is excellent.
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